Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes Treatment

Ayurveda does not regard Diabetes as a disease that can be treated by mere medicine or by a dietary regimen. Madhumeha is classified as a Maha Rog (Major Disease) because, if not treated in time, it can lead to several complications in the body, including eye problems, joint pains, impotency, kidney failure, sexual and urologic problems, and more. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and it cannot be merely treated by controlling sugar levels. The treatment recommended in Ayurveda – as against modern medicine – is aimed at rejuvenating the body to not only balance sugar levels, but also ensuring that no further complication is caused.

Living a healthy and happy life with diabetes is possible. Millions of diabetes patients manage their blood sugar levels with Ayurveda and avoid onset of major health complications caused because of neglecting timely treatment for diabetes. Understand the root cause of your diabetes, manage and treat it with Ayurveda. Take proactive steps to lower your risk of further health problems.

Chanda Yunique Diabetes Treatment Has Solution For All

Early treatment shows faster improvement in blood sugar levels and lowers chance of other health complications caused by untreated diabetes. 

Chanda Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment

Based on consultation, your Ayunique treatment is a combination of personalized medication, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

(30 ayurvedic capsules)

Tak 1-1 capsule after lunch and dinner with water . Till 60 days take your alopathy medicin too because body takes time to change from English medicin to Ayurvedic .

Diet & Lifestyle

  • Include whole grainsin the diet, such as wheat bread/pasta and brown rice.
  • Cheese and yogurtprepared with skimmed (nonfat) milk may be taken.
  • Use garlic, onion, bitter gourd, spinach, raw banana, and black plum.
  • Make a flour mixtureof 1 part barley, 1 part black chickpeas, and 4 parts whole-wheat flour and use this to form pancakes and bread.
  • Avoid sweetfruits like pineapple, grapes, mangoes, etc.
  • Avoid sweet, sour, and saltyfoods, potatoes, sweet potatoes, colocasia (taro), yams, fresh grains and pulses (legumes), whole yogurt (high in fat), and heavy, oily and spicy foods.
  • Start doing some light exercise, such as brisk walking. Build up to a brisk walk of 30-40 minutes in the morning and again in the evening.
  • Avoid sleepingin the daytime as it increases Kledaka Kapha.

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